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Greenwich Arts Academy



About Us

We are a state-of-the-art music academy, serving all of lower Fairfield County. We offer piano, voice, guitar, bass, drum, ukulele, sax, flute, theory, composition, and music production lessons. We are local, and family-owned!

Here's our not-so-secret agenda: our goal is to make Greenwich Arts Academy not just a great place for music lessons, but a creativity incubator: -- a place where your child can stretch their creative wings and fly. Becoming a “creative” is eventually going to be the differentiator between being just a cog in someone else’s machine, and building a machine of your own. Creativity is a learned skill. It’s also a uniquely human quality. We aim to weave training in creativity into every aspect of our offerings at GAA.

In order to keep our students, staff, and teachers safe, we have implemented the Family Safety Plan in our school! This includes glass windows on lesson rooms to foster transparency between teachers and parents, full-time office staff so that students and teachers are never left unsupervised, requiring extensive background checks of all of our teachers and staff, security cameras in all rooms, and an open-door policy for parents, which means that they’re always invited to sit in on their child’s lessons.